Results for clients

These sample client cases will give you a flavour of the results we achieve with clients.

The Client: Multinational Media Company
The Issue: Salesforce turnover approaching 100% and low levels of employee engagement.
The Solution: A three-pronged approach. The first entailed working with an employee group to define “what it means to work here” creating an employee brand promise in plain English. The second element was a review of internal processes, amending these where they failed to deliver on the promise. The third component was coaching support to the senior managers, using Emotional Intelligence to help them bring the employer brand values to life and to enable them to coach their teams. This approach resulted in changes to a number of core processes (recruitment, induction, performance reviews) and the adoption of a more supportive, coaching style of management, with a strong belief in the new ways of working brought about by involvement of staff at every stage.
The Results: Turnover reduced over 18 months to 25%. Employee engagement increased significantly (measured through employee survey). Sales and profitability increased both year-on-year and against budget.
The Client: Non-Departmental Public Body (England)
The Issue: Government-initiated changes within the Education sector required a shift in management style from ‘cop' to ‘partner'.
The Solution: Working in partnership with the client, our consultants identified what was required of managers in the new environment and how they would need to act and behave to create a relationship built on partnership and mutual trust. This resulted in a series of events and workshops with case studies developed specifically for people working in this sector. Two aspects stood out from the client's perspective. The first was that consultants demonstrated in action the behaviours that delegates would need to adopt. The second was our ability to bring together subject matter experts and gold-standard facilitators to deliver events.
The Results: Suppliers in the sector have identified, through their trade body, a marked shift in style as a result of our work. End of event evaluation and subsequent 3-6 month evaluation of events have consistently provided satisfaction ratings of over 80%.
The Client: UK Financial Services Organisation
The Issue: The CEO had developed a new strategy and associated values, but after 18 months there was little understanding of them or buy-in to them.
The Solution:

The top two tiers in the organisation were taken through a series of practical, challenging events at which they were taken from an Awareness of the strategy to an Understanding of it. They were then supported in building this awareness and understanding with their teams, demonstrating Involvement in the process. As they worked with their teams, their level of Commitment increased, as did their level of Engagement . To avoid a mechanistic cascade, senior managers identified a number of champions that were trained by our consultants, ensuring that the values and strategy were made real for individuals in their specific parts of the business. To further reinforce the commitment of the top team, they took part in a 360° assessment, constructed by us, based on their value set. Outcomes of this were shared with their teams and actions built into personal development plans.

The Results: Very high levels of understanding of the strategy and values at all levels and staff using the values to help them make business decisions. Year-on-year business results have shown a marked improvement in profitability and levels of consumer satisfaction have increased significantly.
The Client: Market Research Organisation.
The Issue: A series of acquisitions had led to an organisation structure with blurred lines of accountability and issues over internal reward equity/career progression. This coincided with a downturn in business for one of the core units.
The Solution: Although initially contracted to review the reward structure, our consultants started by working with the top team to clarify the organisation's strategy and to develop an organisation structure that would help to deliver this. From this, they went on to develop a broad-banded reward structure that facilitated movement between units and allowed pay movements to take place as staff gained experience/competence – but without the need to re-grade them. During the course of the assignment, our consultants were also able to identify roles that did not fit into the new structure, especially where business units were consolidating.
The Results: The business is now exceeding its budget again and is delivering greater value-add to its parent through increased revenues and decreased costs. Staff morale has increased significantly (measured through an annual staff survey run by its multinational parent).
The Client: UK Mortgage Provider.
The Issue:

Several years of rapid growth and acquisition had resulted in a highly successful organisation with internal processes that had been left behind. At the same time, the US parent had introduced a new set of corporate values that it wanted embedded.

The Solution: The ‘what and how' principle was applied, working initially with the Board and HR team and then subsequently with the second tier managers. Our consultants designed and co-facilitated an event with the top 40 managers, helping to explain the high-level strategy and values. This set the direction, with managers then supported as they debated the means by which these could be achieved. Subsequent work groups then translated these strategic intentions into concrete actions and tasks. In parallel with this, our consultants reviewed core HR and business processes and proposed a number of fundamental changes to help reinforce the values set and support the strategic direction. This included a new competency framework, performance management process, reward structure and approach to internal communications.
The Results: The company has subsequently received a number of accolades for its service provision including Best Intermediary Mortgage Lender and the prestigious Financial Adviser 4 star award for excellent service. These are voted on by brokers and customers so demonstrate that the strategy and values are alive and visible beyond the organisation itself.
The Client: English City Council
The Issue: Changes in the corporate strategy meant that the top 60 managers would need to drive through and take ownership for a significant change programme that would ultimately result in the Council having a totally new structure and service requirements.
The Solution: All the senior managers took part in a purpose-designed 360° development process. From this, their development needs were identified and prioritised. Groups of managers were then brought together in Action Learning Sets, enabling them to work with their colleagues on both work-based priorities and to address their development needs. Managers were able to challenge each other and to explore possible options for deploying the strategy in a non-threatening, supportive environment.
The Results: Success can be measured at two levels. At a personal level, managers attending the action learning sets found them very powerful and have embraced the concept. In many cases continued with the approach and introduced it to their team. At an organisational level, the changes required have happened such that the Council has received an ‘Excellent' rating from the Audit Commission and won Council of the Year at the LGC awards.
The Client: UK Hotels Group
The Issue: Intense market pressure and a lack of differentiation among 3 and 4 star Hotels. The challenge was to help the Group stand out in the market.
The Solution: Market research suggested that the greatest differentiation could be achieved by delivering outstanding customer service. Our consultants worked with an internal project team to define and develop a customer service strategy that was then implemented through a series of pilot programmes. These demonstrated the way in which the strategy could be ‘situationalised' for different properties/brands across the estate and the power of involving staff in both design and implementation.
The Results: The success of the drive for improved customer service can be measured in three ways. Profitability has improved considerably; members of the loyalty scheme are staying more frequently and customer accolades include awards for the Best Hotel Group and Best Business Hotel Chain.

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