What we do

Put simply, we help clients bring their strategies and values to life. In other words – help them deliver what they plan. We do three main things:

  • Help leaders lead
  • Help managers manage
  • Help followers follow

This can take many forms:

  • Helping leaders decide on a vision, a strategy and the values that will make them real.
  • Helping them understand their leadership role and how they need to behave to do it effectively.
  • Helping managers and followers by making the vision personal – making it mean something to everyone in the organisation. By ensuring people are fully engaged with, and committed to, the strategy and values.
  • Building self sufficiency so people can say – ‘we did that ourselves' .
  • Measuring and demonstrating the value of people, processes and structure and how they add up to better performance.

Some examples of our work

HR Strategy Development

  • Financial Services – developed framework and scorecard for use in a High-Street Financial Services organisation. Designed and facilitated deployment event with the whole HR team.

  • Manufacturing – developed framework for Group and subsidiary HR strategy. Designed HR balanced scorecard for use across the business, aligned to the corporate scorecard. Designed and facilitated deployment workshops with Divisional HR Heads.

Values Deployment

  • Financial Services – designed and facilitated the implementation of a values deployment process covering all staff in a National Building Society.

  • Financial Services - developed competency framework, performance management process and Learning Academy to support the implementation of a new vision and set of values.

Reward Strategy

  • Research organisation (not-for-profit) – developed overall reward strategy and then created a bespoke job evaluation process and pay structure to support overall both this and a new career development framework.

  • Housing Association – created reward strategy and supporting pay practices including long-term incentive scheme. Review of overall reward and performance management practices.
  • Media – developing recognition programme for all employees in support of broader Reward strategy.
  • Media – developed and implemented sales incentive programmes for field and telesales teams across a range of high-profile publications.

HR Metrics

  • Media – developing a set of core HR metrics to be used internationally by business and HR leaders and by the plc Board.

  • Manufacturing – developed an HR balanced scorecard for use by all Divisions in a multi-national, FTSE 250 engineering organisation.
  • Financial Services – created an HR scorecard for use in a Corporate Learning Academy.

Executive Coaching

  • Service sector – provided executive coaching to high performing senior executive with a short fuse.

  • Financial Services – emotional intelligence based coaching to a senior manager who has since been promoted to Head of Department.
  • Financial Services – business coaching to a senior HR manager who is taking on a new role.
  • Housing Association – business coaching to a new HR Director.
  • Public Sector – business coaching to organisation’s Finance Director following organisational changes.

Business improvement

  • Local Authority – facilitated Action Learning Sets focused on both strategic business improvement projects and in support of individuals’ personal development plans.

  • Not-for-profit membership organisation – facilitated improvement events with senior managers as part of a broader leadership development programme.

Leadership development

  • Public sector – developed and facilitated leadership development programme for top 1000 staff. The programme was delivered at multiple sites in the UK.

  • Not-for-profit – developed and facilitated a leadership development programme for existing and emerging high potential business leaders. Delegates were drawn from the UK, USA and Asia.

Employee engagement

  • Distribution – designed and facilitated the implementation of employer brand, core business processes to support this and employee engagement survey to test the results.

Change management

  • Public sector – supported the leadership team of an Executive Agency through radical organisational change. Provided advice and facilitation on both business strategy and people-related changes.

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